August 17th: Let's Talk Buyer Order Forms & Customizing CC Processing

Learn how utilize the newest features: Buyer Order Forms and Customizing your credit card processing by client!


ABOUT: This August we pushed some amazing new features you cannot afford to miss! This webinar will cover usage benefits as well as how to maximize and utilize these new features. To start, our much anticipated custom buyer order forms are now live! Learn how these XLS order forms work, how to manipulate, and how to seamlessly drag and drop upload! Additionally, we now have the ability to enable credit card processing by client. The latter half of this tutorial will cover all functionality with this new feature and how to get it enabled in your portal ASAP.


Some Topics That Will Be Covered:

- Where are the buyer order forms

- How do they work and how can I upload?

- What is the formatting for upload? Whats needed and what can be manipulated?

- How are these order forms different from the previous XLS order upload format?

- CC Processing by client

- How do I enable CC Processing by client in NuORDER?


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