Orders by Season by Company

Ever wonder what the order totals by month for last year or the current year to date? 

No problem, in this report you will find the order totals by month for last year and the current year-to-date. Please use 'Set Parameters" to drill down into deeper comparisons.

PLEASE NOTE: This report includes all approved, processed, shipped, and archived orders.


1) Log into NuORDER > click on REPORTING page on the left menu bar


2) On the REPORTING page, click on CUSTOMER 


3) On the CUSTOMER page, click on "ORDERS BY SEASON BY COMPANY".


4) Click on "SET PARAMETERS". Be sure to select your specific order statuses, select a specific date range, and the type of results that you would like to pull your reports on. 


5) Click EXPORT to have the report be emailed to you. Click RUN if you would like to view the report summary.



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