How to create a linesheet

Linesheets are created by brand users who have permission to do so in NuORDER.

There two ways to create linesheets:

1) In the product gallery

2) In the linesheet area


In the Product Gallery

When you are in the product gallery you can select one or more products using the checkboxes. You will see the "Bulk Actions" toolbar appear at the top with an action bar on the right.

Select "Add to Linesheet" from this menu.



From the "Add to Linesheet" menu you can add these products to an existing linesheet or create a brand new linesheet using the button at the top right of the menu.



On the Linesheet Page

From the linesheet landing page, select "Create Linesheet".


You'll be taken to a blank linesheet where the cursor will prompt you to enter a name. From there you can add a cover image, choose PDF settings and add products and separators to your linesheet.



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