PRODUCTION REPORT: Units by style, color, and size

It's that season again after trade shows! 

Here in this article, you will find steps on how to pull a production report based on units by style, color and size from your portal.


1) Log into NuORDER & click on "REPORTING" in the menu on the left

2) On the REPORTING page, click on "PRODUCT / INVENTORY" .


3) Click on "PRODUCTION: UNITS BY STYLE, COLOR AND SIZE" for the production report. This production report will give you the units booked by style, color, & size.(includes total units from all active approved & processed orders - archived orders not included).


4) Now, set your report parameters.


5) In the parameters setting, click on specific filters that you would like to apply to your production report. Such as the different order statuses. 


6) Once completed, select the specific order date or ship start date of the orders that you would like to pull the report from. 


7) Click "EXPORT" to have the detailed report be emailed to you. 




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