Assortments update: December 12, 2023

New Image Upload Mode in Tile View

Use the new Image Upload Mode in Tile View to enable bulk drag-and-drop of images directly onto the product tiles within a single screen. Easily find the products or SMUs you’re looking for using search and filter options, and upload up to 10 images at a time per product without having to click into each product.

For more information, see Adding product images in assortments (web and mobile).  

Access Market Settings and View Status from the Drive

Brands and buyers can view and access the Market Status directly in the Drive list. Now for brand users that need to update the status or for buyers that need to see if the brand is ready for market, there’s no more need for multiple clicks to open the Assortment, navigate to the menu, and open the modal.

If you want to see or edit any other market-related information, you can now open the Market Settings Modal directly from the Drive page as well. To access, click the ellipsis menu icon, then choose Market Settings to open the modal. 


For more information, see Working in My Drive and Market Settings modal.

Targets in Rollups (Beta)

Note: This feature is currently in Beta only for selected customers. 

For retailers using the advanced Targets feature, targets that were created in Assortments can now be viewed and used to evaluate aggregated totals in a Rollup as well. The Manage Targets modal will show the name of the assortment a target relates to, and the Target Grid will appear below the grid, as it does within assortments. Collapse Columns and Row Visibility settings are also available for targets in assortments.

Targets in Rollups.

For more information, see Targets in assortments and Rollups.

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