Why my products are not appearing on NuORDER?

If you do not see your products live on your portal, please consider some of the main reasons below:


Q: Have you checked your archived product data to see if your products are listed as archived?

A: You can export your most current archived data by downloading your data with archived products from the PRODUCT DATA page in ADMIN.

Q: Have you checked your most current exported product data to see if your products are listed as disabled?
A: If your products are disabled and not archived, then the disabled products will be hidden from the wholesale page of your portal, but it will still appear in the product gallery page in ADMIN.


Q: Are these settings turned on in your INVENTORY SETTINGS of ADMIN: "Hide Products With No Inventory" and "Hide Products With No Inventory Data"?
A: If these settings are currently turned on in your inventory settings, then the products with no inventory or inventory data attached to them will be removed from the wholesale side.



Now, if your brand is integrated with your product data and you are witnessing sync errors, then please email your integration manager or for further assistance. 


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