Common issues when syncing Dropbox images

If your product images are not synced from your Dropbox onto NuORDER, please consider some of the main reasons below:

  • Did you check off the folder you would like to sync your images from and click Update Dropbox Settings in the Dropbox Settings Management page?


  • Are your product images are at least 500x500 pixels in dimension? 
  • Are your images in the file format of either JPG , JPEG, or PNG? Our system will only allow those file formats for images.
  • Have you made sure your image names match your Image Naming Conventions? Any images that do not match your image naming convention will not sync to NuORDER.
  • How large are each of your file sizes? If each file is as large as 2MB and there are about 300 images in the folder, then that will cause a "time-out" error in the image sync.

  • Are there over 1000 images in a folder that you are trying to sync? If there are more than 1000 images in the folder, then there is a high chance that it is going to cause a time-out sync error. Therefore, the images will not be synced over onto NuORDER successfully. In this case, you will want to split your images into multiple folders and sync one folder at a time.
  • Are there subfolders in the folder you are tryings to sync?  If so, you'll want to remove these. 
  • Have you tried reseting your Dropbox by clicking Reset Dropbox Images on the Image Management page? This will allow the system to re-sync your images over from the same folder.
  • If you have reviewed all the possible reasons from above and the images are still not syncing over onto NuORDER, then we would suggest disconnecting your Dropbox and reconnecting your Dropbox again in the Dropbox Settings Management page.


Additionally, If your folder contains many files or large files, it will take longer for the images to sync over.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to


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