Searching for & Filtering Orders

There are multiple options into searching for orders on the orders page:

Option 1: Type in the order number or buyer name or company name in the search bar.


Option 2: Type in the company name or sales rep name in the company name or sales rep filters.



The default filters on the left hand side of our orders page are:

1.) ORDER STATUS: To filter the order status, you may check off the specific order statuses that you would like to only view.

2.) CURRENCY GROUP: To filter specific currency type of orders on your portal, please check off the desired currency group.



3.) COMPANY: To view only specific orders from a company in your contacts.

4.) SALES REP: To view specific orders from a sales rep on your portal.

5.) ORDER DATE : To view created orders based on the desired date range.

6.) ORDER MODIFIED DATE: To view orders based on their last modified date

7.) SHIP START: To view orders based on the Ship Start date of their earliest delivery window.

8.) SHIP END: To view orders based on the Ship End date of their latest delivery window. 

Note: By default, filters with 0 products are automatically hidden from view.

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