Who is the 'Order Creator'?

You can view who “created” the order in the Orders Tab. The definition of an "Order Creator" is as follows:


  • Creator of a draft is the person who originally created the draft


  • Creator of an order is the person who clicks submit on the order. 
    • It’s possible that a retailer creates a draft but a rep submits the order. In this example, the rep becomes the creator of the order
    • If buyer clicks submit on the order, the buyer is the creator of the order


  • When rep sends Ez Order to Buyer- the rep is the creator
  • Once the buyer clicks submit on the EZ Order, the buyer becomes the creator

Viewing the Creator of Orders

Users can apply the 'Creator' column on the order page of their portal.





Users can also view the 'Creator' of an order by clicking on the order and viewing the value displayed on the right side of the page.




If you have anymore questions, please reach out to NuORDER support at heroes@nuorder.com


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