March 9th: How to Assign Proper Shipping Windows and a Review of the New Orders Tab

Now that everyones Spring selling is in full swing, it’s important to get the proper shipping windows assigned for all of your incoming goods! This webinar will teach you how to move styles out of prebook and set them up with delivery windows. Doing so will decrease order edits and make sure you have the proper shipping windows defaulted for your orders. We will also walk through how these settings display in wholesale. 

Some Topics That Will Be Covered: 

- How to set delivery windows 
- What this will look like in wholesale 
- How to set prebook 
- What this will look like in wholesale 
- How to set default shipping dates based on days vs. delivery windows 

BONUS: Come learn about the new Orders Tab! We will cover: 

- How to configure columns to your desired view 
- Quick View 
- How to copy an order 
- How to view orders with a particular filter 
- how to export the orders 
- How to sort my views 


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