January 27: How to Transform Your Gallery in No Time

Learn how to transform your product gallery by highlighting products and making your filters better than ever
Hosted by: Erin
Wanting to feature and highlight Best Sellers and Sold Out styles in your Product Gallery?
Your product gallery can now quickly be made more robust by installing our Custom Banners via product data loads.

NuORDER can now also make finding these products easier than ever by making these fields filterable. Additionally, Sold Out styles and Best Sellers can be sorted/filtered automatically.

Attend and learn two easy ways to trigger Product Banners and new Filters to provide your buyers with a quicker, more fluid shopping experience.

After attending this webinar, you'll know how to:
  • Apply product banners in bulk to products
  • Make banners into filters for more robust searching
  • Filter by Sold Out styles and Best Sellers

As an added bonus, we'll provide ideas for product banners and show you how to create these in just one click.

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