Item Not Available for Retailer: Common Reasons & Solutions


In-App Messaging

You have selected an item to add to your working order. You are viewing as a retailer, and this item appears available to add. Or maybe you have selected the company in the Order Details page in the working order.

When adding/submitting the product for this order, you are met with this message “Some products in this order are unavailable to this retailer. To remove unavailable products, click OK. To keep all products and adjust the order manually, click CANCEL."




Products Without Pricing 

If a product has no wholesale price or $0 as the wholesale price, this item cannot be ordered. This affects only submitted orders, and will not have an effect on draft orders.

This also applies to a product that has prices for one currency and not another. For example, if there is a product at $10.50 USD and 0.00 EUR, for any customer is assigned to EUR pricing, this product is not going to be available to order for the EUR currency user.

Furthermore, what if a product has pricing? Yet it is still not adding to the order properly. This may mean the currency pricing is disabled.

In both scenarios, please follow the following steps for a quick way to see if this is what is blocking the order:

  1. Go to Admin (if you have the ADMIN user access)
  3. Go to the third tab "EDIT"
  4. Find the product that is blocking the order. Select the Edit Pencil Icon to open the product details.
  5. Scroll down to review the pricing that has been set.
  6. If the price is set to $0 or the price is disabled this will need to be updated.
  7. Enter a price, or toggle the price to active, and save.



Products Without Pricing 

If the item is available in WAREHOUSE A and not WAREHOUSE B, then the item will not be available for the user that is assigned to only the WAREHOUSE B. Furthermore if the item has 0 inventory available in the WAREHOUSE B, then the item will not be available for any retailers assigned to WAREHOUSE B.

The difference in warehouses can be avoided, by allowing users at your brand the ability to select between warehouses. Please contact your Account Manager or the NuORDER Heroes to have this ability established.



If you utilize Pricesheets this is also a potential reason why the item may not be accessible for a user assigned to this list.

When a product is on a pricesheet and marked as disabled, any user assigned to this pricesheet will not be able to see or place an order for this item.

To update please download the price list, and change the disabled product from a Y (Yes) to an N (No) and re-upload to make this product available.



Customer Groups

Customer Groups exist solely for the purpose of limiting/restricting visibility for certain products for the assigned users.

If a customer is assigned to a customer group that includes a product that is restricted, then they are not allowed to place an order for this item. Any items that are restricted for a retailer will not be visible. However, as a brand user, you will still see this item as available (depending on if/which groups you are assigned to).

Please update Customer Groups to make sure all relevant products apply to the retailers that need them. This can be done by going to ADMIN > SETTINGS > CUSTOMER & USER GROUPS. This will give you the ability to edit any restrictions setting that may have been placed.





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