Trade Show: iPad Best Practices

Show Season is Upon Us! 

With the busiest time just around the corner, it is crucial that all of our clients are aware of iPad best practices to ensure success for Trade Show season.

Below are a few tips that all Brands should follow:

- Before heading to the show, make sure the brand has downloaded the latest version of the app from iTunes. 

- We recommend that the Brand works “online”. Now that we have payment processing, this is critical to work online only. 

- Periodically re- load iPads to ensure the most updated information. To refresh brand information, make sure to log out and log back in. 

- Constantly sync your iPad. Whenever there is a lull in appointments, make sure to sync. 

- Before each day, log in and refresh your iPad. This will ensure that you have the most up to date product and customer data. This process is recommended to follow every morning during each show.

Following all these combined process, will eliminate issues, and ensure that the Brand is ready for success.


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