Currency Rules

NuORDER has the ability to load multiple currencies onto your brand portal that allows your sales team to sell in multiple currencies, each brand user can only be assigned to one currency.

 Below is a summary of our rules around currency and your options in regards to working with currency within the application: 

1. Reps and Buyers can only be assigned to one currency. However, reps can sell to buyers who have a different currency than the one they are assigned to. 





2. When selling to a buyer with a different currency, a rep has two options:

Option 1: Pull the buyers name into the working order. Once this is done the currency appearing in the working order will change to that of the buyer's. If sending a line sheet, please note that the pdf received by the buyer will be in the currency assigned to that buyer not the currency of the rep.




Option 2: Utilize "View As" in the products tab. This will give you the option to choose your buyer's company name from a drop down right in the main Product Gallery. Once a rep selects the company s/he would like to work, the product gallery view will toggle to that of the buyer's




(i.e. If the rep is assigned $ and the buyer is assigned Euro, the product gallery view will switch to Euro only).  




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