Custom Linesheets

Linesheets are a great resource to be able to promote new products and are a highly customizable tool that can be rearranged and made to your preference for your buyers.

Getting started. For Master linesheets you will go to Admin section within your portal. You will then go to ‘Manage Linesheets.

Custom Templates are set up and organized by a brand user. These are saved templates that can be easily be used as a macro to create the same template multiple times.

After you click on create new template, you will be taken to a screen where you can edit/delete and then paste the custom templates. You also have the option to create an entire new template from scratch by selecting the second tab.

You will then select the layout of preference. Currently, custom templates support either 16 Products per page, or 5 Products per page.

The next step is to select which fields from your data you will be displaying on the linesheet. This is especially helpful if you have any custom fields set up that you would like to display.

To select a field, choose a header from the list on the left hand side. Then you can drag and drop the field to an empty space located on your right side. These can be arranged in any order that you would prefer for them to display. Up to 18 items can be created at a time.

Save your template! You can do this by either saving it as a draft or have it saved so that it is published at a later time. Create a title and add a brief description.

Congratulations! You have now created a custom template.

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