How to Edit an Order that is Not Synced On the iPad

It is best practice to work offline while using the iPad application and connect to wifi when the internet signal is strong. 

 1. Tap on the Sync Cloud

2. Tap on ‘Sync Status’ above the Pending Tab and it will turn green

3. A pop up will appear, “The send status code for this item is (0).” – Tap Edit

4. A pop up will appear, “This will clear your current working order.” – Tap Edit

5. This will open your Working Order – Here is where you will be able to make the applicable edits to your order

6. Once complete, tap Submit

7. “Are you sure you want to submit this order?” – Tap OK

9. Tap on Wifi icon to switch to online mode – OK (Hint: The wifi icon will turn teal)

10. Tap Send Unsent Items to Sync your orders

11. Your Orders Will now Sync to the Web Application

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