Adding products to a 'pending' order

To add products to an order in the Orders - Pending tab:

1. Log into

2. Select 'Orders' from the left side menu




3. Filter 'Order Status' for Pending orders





4. Find the Pending Order you want to add products to and click the pencil icon on the right side of screen to edit the order in your cart.



Note: If the user has items in their cart, a pop-up will display asking the user if they want to 'Review'Cart' or 'Replace Cart Contents'.


The user has items in their cart that they want to keep, they should click 'Review Cart', save the items in their cart as a Draft, and then re-open the Pending order they originally wanted to edit. If the items in the cart can be cleared, the user should click 'Replace Cart Contents'.


5. Once you have the Pending Order opened in your cart, your will be able to click the Products tab on the left side menu to navigate back to the Product Gallery.




6. You will then be able to select the Product(s) that you want to add to the order.

7. Once you add the desired Product(s), you will click on the cart Icon in top right hand corner of your screen to open your Working Order.




10. You can make any additional edits to the order.

11.  Once you are ready to submit your changes to the order, you will navigate to the 'Order Review' tab of your Working Order, accept the terms (if displayed), and click 'Submit'.




If you have anymore question, please reach out to NuORDER support at 

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