Why Was My Card Declined?

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Typically, it’s due to our processor being unable to verify the information provided.

If you see an “Invalid Address” notification, it usually means there was something wrong with the billing information. When you go to make a payment, please make sure to enter your billing address as it's exactly displayed on your bank statement. This should be the address your bank has on file. If you have moved recently, try both addresses! Sometimes banks are slow to update new addresses. Expanding abbreviations can help, so using “Street” instead of "St" may fix this notification.

Other reasons include:

  • a mismatch of name on the payment and the card
  • a decline by the card issuer
  • insufficient funds in the account
  • unauthorized payments

Sometimes, if a card is used too many times consecutively, the payment will automatically fail for the security of the payer. To prevent any of this, double check that you are correctly entering the card information or check in with your card issuer or bank before trying to pay again!

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