Where is My Money? When Will I Get My Money Back?

It appears as though your bank rejected the recent transfers we sent them. This can happen for a few reasons:

- The admin name on the account is not the same as the name on the bank account. For security reasons, the financial admin must match the name of the account we're sending money to - or it will be returned by receiving bank.

- The account or routing is incorrect. Some banks use a different routing number than the one printed on your checks for electronic ACH transfers. We recommend contacting your bank and verifying the correct number to use.

If you have already entered a new bank account information, we will initiate a new transfer of funds as soon as possible. We typically allow 2-5 business days for transactions like these to complete.

If you need to update your information, please take the steps below:

1. Log into WePay

2. Click on the "settings" button

3. Go to the withdrawals tab and delete your existing bank account information.

4. Re- enter your bank account information/routing number  ( or request a check) and specify how often you would like us to send your money.





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