About Bar Code Generation & Printing

You can now you can print your own barcodes directly from NuORDER!
To make this as flexible as possible, you can have NuORDER generate barcodes for you or upload your own barcodes. If you wish to upload your own barcodes, please contact to update your product data fields.
Printing Labels
Whether you have your own barcodes or are using NuORDER generated barcodes, we’ve added the option to print your barcodes on label paper directly from the NuORDER Admin console on the web.  All you need is Avery 5155 labels  which can be purchased online or from any office supply store and you’ll have your own barcode labels in no time!
Barcode Sample
Using the App
You'll notice two new options in the Admin section: Barcode Managementand Barcode Printing.  Barcode Management is where you set up how you want you barcodes to work and Barcode Printing is where you select products and print your barcodes.
Barcode Admin
Barcode Settings
First you choose the field (product name, style number, etc) that you would like to print above the barcode to help you know which product the barcode belongs to.
Then you can select which field you would like to use for barcodes. If you have NuORDER generate the barcodes for you, this field will be disabled. Otherwise, be sure that the field you choose has unique values in your product data.
Barcode Settings
Barcode Printing
This screen is where you can choose which products you would like to print barcodes for. You can filter results using the same filters from your product gallery or select all products. As shown above, the labels will print 60 per page on Avery 5155 label paper.
Barcode Printing
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