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Dropbox Integration (Beta)
Getting images into NuORDER has never been easier! All you have to do is link your Dropbox account with NuORDER and place images in your Dropbox. They will automatically link to your products as long as you use an image naming convention.
Don’t have an image naming convention? Fear not, you can still use Dropbox and your images will appear in your unattached images section of the Admin console for you to link them to your products in NuORDER. However, there is nothing easier than automatic linking, so we highly recommend you try an image naming convention.
To link your Dropbox account to NuORDER, go to the Admin section of NuORDER and select “Dropbox Settings” and follow the instructions from there. Note that NuORDER will only have access to image files in your Dropbox and you can select the folder that is linked. NuORDER will load images from both the folder that you select and any subfolders that are in that folder.

Dropbox Settings


If you do not use an image naming convention and manually link your images to your products, you can go to the Image Management section and click the "Sync Images from Dropbox" link at the top to retrieve your images.


Dropbox - Sync Images


This is a brand new type of self-service integration so we are launching it as a Beta and welcome your feedback on how it's working for you.  Be sure to contact to let us know if you love it or have suggestions for how this could work better for you.

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