Setting up and choosing a naming convention ruleset

Setting up a naming convention helps NuORDER understand the format of your media file names. Using this file name as a guide, NuORDER can automatically match your images and videos to your products during a bulk upload or file transfer. Depending on the rules you apply to your naming convention, you can use your file name to tell NuORDER the style number of an item, its season, its fabric content, and much more. 

To set up a naming convention, first go to your Settings, select Imagery & Media, and click Image Settings.


By default, one ruleset will automatically always exist in your account. If you want to create a new ruleset, you can start by clicking New Ruleset in the top-right corner of your screen.

Alongside your default ruleset, you'll also see a summary of any other rulesets you've created on this page. Next to each ruleset's name, you'll see the type of ruleset (standardized or custom), when it was last modified, and a short description (if one has been added).

Standardized and custom naming conventions

When you create a new ruleset, you'll need to choose between a standardized and custom naming convention.

With standardized naming conventions, you’ll create one set of rules that applies to every media file that you upload. In other words, every media file you upload will follow the exact same rules—from the hero image to your 75th upload for a specific product and more.

With custom naming conventions, you'll create a unique set of rules for each media file you upload in a series. In other words, you’ll predetermine what rules apply to each image in a series. The first image in a series might include the style number and color (e.g. “DEMO1234444_cream_1”) and the second image in a series might include the season and color (e.g. “s20_cream_2”). 

Choosing the naming convention that's right for you

If this is your first time creating a naming convention, we recommend using a standardized naming convention. As you build your naming convention, just make sure all future media files are named after that convention. 

If any of the following are true, we recommend using a custom naming convention:

  • Your brand utilizes a unique image naming pattern that requires different image names be formatted in different ways.
  • You've set up an image naming convention in NuORDER in the past.
    • If so, a custom naming convention will already be activated in your account based on your previous rules.
    • Before uploading any additional product images, however, we recommend reviewing your existing custom naming convention to ensure that all fields remain accurate.

Applying rules to your naming convention

Depending on the rules you apply to your naming convention, NuORDER will interpret your file names in different ways. Read over the information below to understand what rules you can apply in each section of the page and how they'll impact your future file names.

Field separator

For both standardized and custom naming conventions, you must choose a field separator. A field separator is the character used in the name of each file to separate product attributes.

You can choose between the following field separators: 

  • Underscore (_)
  • Hyphen (-)
  • Period (.)


As an example, if you select an underscore your future file names will need to be something like STYLE_COLOR_1; if you select a hyphen then your future files will need to be named STYLE-COLOR-1 instead.

Naming Convention

Next, it’s time to build the naming convention for your media files. 


For standardized naming conventions, choose the product attributes you want to include in each file name (e.g. style number, color, fabric material, etc). To change a product field, simply click on the existing attribute and select a new one.

By default, you can choose 2 different product fields in your naming convention. If you’d like to add additional fields, click Add another below your last product field. 

For custom naming conventions, choose the product attributes you want to include for each sequential image name. Each file uploaded can require a unique set of attributes in the name depending on the rules you apply. 


Sequential order

Standardized naming conventions require that you add a number to the end of each file name so that NuORDER can accurately determine the sequence in which they should be displayed. For example, File_01.png would be the first image for a product, while File_02.png would be uploaded as the second.

With custom naming conventions, we recommend adding a Custom Text rule at the end of each Image/Media so that you can create your own sequential order. For example, if you add custom text "one" at the end of Image/Media 1, and custom text "two" at the end of Image/Media 2, your future files must be labeled "FileName_one.png" and "FileName_2.png" for them to be automatically displayed in the correct order. 


Adding Image/Media to custom naming conventions

By default, custom naming conventions offer 8 Image/Media names that you can customize. If you plan to upload more than 8 files to a single product, you may want to add additional Image/Media rules to your custom naming convention.

To add more rules to your naming convention, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Image/Media. A new Image/Media will appear ready to be customized.



Check your work with file name previews

As you choose the product fields in your naming convention, the preview of potential file names will update automatically on the right side of your screen to give you a sense of what your future file names will need to look like during upload. 


Save your ruleset

Once you’ve finished setting up your naming convention, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Editing, renaming, and deleting a ruleset

To edit, rename, or delete an existing ruleset, hover over the ruleset and click on the kabob menu on the right side. Then, select Edit, Rename, or Delete depending on what you'd like to do with that ruleset.



How do I name a video file in a bulk upload?

For both standard and custom naming conventions, videos can be uploaded following the same naming convention as images. NuORDER automatically detects the file type by extension (.mov,.mp4) and places the video in the proper place based on your naming convention.

How do I name a 360 image file in a bulk upload?

If you want to include 360 images in a bulk upload, each frame must also be named to include the suffix “[separator]360[separator]01” where “01” denotes the frame sequence from 1 to 72 (the maximum number of frames allowed). For example, if your naming convention contains a style number (i.e. ABC123) then a color (i.e. red), and the 360 video is intended to appear in the fourth position of your media gallery, and your separator character is an underscore, your file name for the first image frame should be “ABC123_red_04_360_01”. Subsequent files would be “ABC123_red_04_360_02”, “ABC123_red_04_360_03”, etc. 

How do I name a 3D file in a bulk upload?

For both standard and custom naming conventions, 3D image files can be uploaded following the same naming convention as images. NuORDER automatically detects the file type by extension (..GLB, .glTF) and places the video in the proper place based on your naming convention.

What if a media file is missing from my upload? How will NuORDER display it in my product carousel?

When processing a bulk upload, NuORDER automatically matches media files to products based on the file name (as determined by your naming convention). Based on the suffix included in your file name (e.g. file_01.png, file_02.png, etc.), NuORDER also determines which media files should display first on the product details page. 

Should a specific file be processed earlier than the other files in that carousel, NuORDER will move the images in the product carousel to ensure that the final order matches the numbers listed in the suffix of each file. For example, if for some reason file_01.png and file_03.png are processed before file_02.png during a bulk upload, NuORDER will temporarily place file_03.png in the second image slot to avoid including any blank images. However, once file_02.png is processed, NuORDER will automatically move it to the second image slot for that product and move file_03.png to the third image slot. 

Does NuORDER allow for the creation of multiple naming conventions?

Yes, you can build multiple naming convention rulesets in your account. By adding multiple naming conventions, it’s possible to create different rulesets that accommodate different naming conventions for your files.

We highly recommend creating multiple naming conventions if you oversee products for multiple sub-brands within your portal.

Need help?

If you're having issues with your naming convention and cannot get images to link properly to your products, send an example of an image you can not get to link to

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