Add a Retailer Directly from Find New Accounts Section

If you receive a connection request to your email, you can add this retailer directly from the NuORDER Marketplace.

1) Head to your NuORDER account. From the left side menu, select "Find New Accounts". 


2) Once you are in "Find New Accounts", search the retailer name in the search bar and select their name.

3) After selecting the retailer, click "Connect to Retailer" in the top left of the retailer profile. This will add the company and all attached buyers to your contacts. 
4) Once connected, retailers will receive an invitation allowing them to browse and order from your portal.


Note that users must have permission to add companies and buyers to see this button.
**If your brand is integrated, connecting to a retailer on NuORDER will not sync the new retailer into your ERP. It will only add the retailer to your NuORDER contacts. We always recommend first adding the users contact information to your ERP and allowing it to sync over to NuORDER. 

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