Address Description/Display: Multiple Shipping Addresses

When a customer has multiple shipping addresses, our system creates a dropdown so the reps can select the right address. 


This display name is generated from the "description" field in your contacts. Each address has a description field, giving you the option to add a display name to your contacts that will generate in the working order. 


Or in the old Contacts view:


Copying the customer name into this field works fine for customers that only have 1 address, but it becomes confusing when there are multiple addresses.

For example:
The company Kristin's Pet Store has 3 addresses in Los Angeles, New York and London.

If the dropdown reflects "Kristin's Pet Store" as the description of each address, reps wouldn't now which address is which.

You get to decide what you would like displayed in the dropdown. Copying "Line 1" of the address can be helpful, and in some cases the City/State as well. 

The dropdown is not printed on the order PDF or anywhere else in the app. It is a label for display purposes only.


Address type:

You also have the ability to select different types of addresses. You can add an address as your default address, or select it as only a shipping or only a billing address. 

If you don't want an address to appear in your shipping information, you can unselect the shipping address box and only have the address visible in billing information. 


Or in the Old Contacts view:


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