Assortments update: November 14, 2023

Bulk SMU Import

With our new Bulk SMU Import functionality, you can now quickly create and populate multiple SMUs at once. This tool simplifies the process of adding SMUs to your assortment, making it more efficient and less error-prone. 

For more information, see Adding SMUs in bulk with import

Doors and Deliveries Self-Management

Door and Delivery updates now can be managed self-service for Retail Assortments. Merchant Admins can manually add new deliveries, doors and attributes, edit and reorder existing dimensions, deactivate closed locations or past delivery periods. 

For more information, see Assortments for Retailers setup.

Targets user experience updates and enhancements

  • The Manage Targets Modal now supports search. 
  • Creating a Target with a metric that is not currently enabled will enable the metric on the grid. 
  • Target Grid export now has usable formatting. 

For more information, see Targets in assortments

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