How to add a new billing or shipping address

These will need to be added in the CONTACTS Tab.

 You can add as many addresses as needed for each company. 

Each Address can include the following info:

  • Default Billing & Shipping: The default billing and shipping addresses will pre-populate in the working order for this company.
  • Description: A reference name for this address (e.g."Billing or "3rd Street") that will appear in the drop down on the working order. The buyer can see this. If you choose to leave this field blank, then the "address line 1" data will appear in the dropdown of the working order.
  • Shipping & Billing Codes: Address codes to appear on the order export CSV. 



In the company details, click EDIT, then Click NEW ADDRESS


Next you'll enter in the information for the address. You may select the address to be either or both the "shipping or billing" address. If there is a specific shipping or billing address that you would like to set as "default", then we may recommend selecting the "default" option. 

When you're finished, don't forget to click SAVE.




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