How to add a new billing or shipping address

Important Note for Integrated Brands: If your brand has company and buyer data integrated with your ERP, you may not be able to add, edit, or delete company or buyer data from NuORDER.  If you are unable to add or edit companies or buyers in NuORDER, first contact your brand Admin to see if your brand is integrated and therefore restricted on NuORDER.  


You can add as many addresses as needed for each company. 

These will be added in the CONTACTS Tab.

Each Address can include the following info:

  • Default Billing & Shipping: The default billing and shipping addresses will pre-populate in the working order for this company.
  • Display Name: A reference name for this address (e.g."Billing or "3rd Street") that will appear in the drop down on the working order. The buyer can see this.
  • Shipping & Billing Codes: Address codes to appear on the order export CSV.  

To add an Address, navigate to the 'Contacts' page via the icon in the middle of the lefthand menu bar, and search for the Company record you wish to add an Address to. Click into the relevant company, and scroll to the bottom to select the: 'Add Address' option:


OR, in the Old Contact view: click EDIT from the top right of the relevant Company record, and then Click NEW ADDRESS in the pop-up window that appears:



Next you'll enter in the information for the address. When you're finished, don't forget to click SAVE.



Address type:

You also have the ability to select different types of addresses. You can add an address as your default address, or select it as only a shipping or only a billing address. 

If you don't want an address to appear in your shipping information, you can unselect the shipping address box and only have the address visible in billing information. 



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