Driving Your Own Success: Why Maintenance Matters

What is the key ingredient to achieve results and return on your investment? It’s commitment – at a corporate level, and from each team member. Here’s what we mean:


The first and most important ingredient is a commitment to maintaining accurate & up-to-date information. This is true for any software system, and though it may seem obvious, it’s important to point out and remember at all times.


Without up to date imagery and data on products, inventory, and accounts, your team can’t make the best decisions on what to sell and when – or may not even know what to sell at all! Updated data and imagery are the lynchpin of your success with NuORDER, so it’s vitally important that your portal administrator be on the ball.


The second ingredient is your teams’ commitment to using the portal. We know, it sounds silly. But it happens – especially when you haven’t made a commitment to the first ingredient, and don’t have good updated data for your team.


People don’t like change – it’s human nature. Getting the whole team on board means championing NuORDER, and managing the initial switch from old school to new school. Our support team is here to help, so if team members are struggling with using the new technology – let us know! We can schedule trainings, or point them toward helpful resources that will have the up and running in no time.


So, make sure your entire team uses NuORDER for all their selling activity. It will give you better reporting, and ensure the cost savings you’re looking for – including printing costs and potentially costly order entry errors.  

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