Typical Rollout Steps & Timeline: API Integrations

Below is an overview of a sample rollout, with estimated timeframes for each phase as we work towards your target launch date. Meeting that deadline will depend on both sides — some steps will be our responsibility, and some will be yours. If any stage of the integration process takes longer than expected, we may need to rethink your launch timeline.

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DISCOVERY (est. 1-2 weeks)

1. NuORDER, Brand, & Developer will have an official "kickoff" call to confirm the requirements,plan, timeline, etc.

• If you have any special workflows, make sure to bring them up during this call!

2. NuORDER will provide API documentation for products, customers, inventory, and order sync.

3. NuORDER, Brand, & Developer will review NuORDER features & functionality in detail, including business rules & logic.

• Products, customers & inventory: Which fields from your ERP should be mapped into
your NuORDER data? (This mapping template can be provided to your developer to use as a guide.)
• Order & account settings: What settings are required/supported by your ERP?

4. NuORDER will create a sandbox environment to be used for API development & testing, using the settings we have discussed.

BUILD (est. 4-8 weeks)

The timeframe for this phase is primarily dependent on the ability and availability of your development resources & internal team.

5. NuORDER & Developer will perform API OAuth handshake.

  • NuORDER will provide consumer & secret API keys.
  • Developer will initiate requests for authentication.

6. Developer & Brand will begin testing calls in the sandbox environment.

  • Developer will build & test calls to push products, inventory, and customers.
  • Brand or NuORDER will submit test orders.
  • Developer will build & test calls to pull orders.
  • Brand will validate that the orders look correct after they have been imported.

7. Brand will create a larger volume of test orders.

• Brand will place orders with a variety of scenarios, e.g. discounts, split deliveries, new customers.
• Brand & Developer will validate that the orders look correct after they have been
• Developer will make adjustments to the order script if needed.

8. Developer will send all active products, customers, & inventory data to the sandbox.


REVIEW (est. 2-4 weeks)

9. Brand team will need to review the sandbox and confirm that the overall lists are correct:

• Product data -- are all active products included in the sandbox that should be on
• Customer data -- are all active customers included that should be on NuORDER?
• Inventory data -- are the quantities accurate?

10. Brand & Developer will test pushing updates to existing entries.

  • Brand will update existing products & customers in the ERP
  • Brand & Developer will review in the sandbox and confirm that the products & customer updates are reflecting correctly in NuORDER.
  • Developer will make adjustments to the script if needed.

11. If your brand has already been using NuORDER via manual setup: NuORDER will work with Brand to make sure the data already in NuORDER will correctly sync up with the new data that will be coming in via the API.

• Product data: are the Seasons, Style Numbers, and Colors formatted the same way in both systems?
• Customer data: do the Customer Codes in NuORDER match the codes in the ERP?
• NuORDER & Brand will work through any updates that need to be made to existing data.
• Please note: if this step is needed, it will add a minimum of 2 weeks to your timeline.


LAUNCH (est. 1-2 weeks)


12. NuORDER & Developer will move all product, customer & inventory data/feeds to the live production environment.

13. Brand team will use the account to place orders (either in a real or testing scenario).

14. Brand, Developer & NuORDER will closely review the account and data flow and work together to resolve any data questions/issues.

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