About FTP Automation


If you are integrating via flat file/FTP, NuORDER will set up the FTP, hosted on our server: ftp.nuorder.com. We will create a secure, direct connection between the FTP and the brand portal in NuORDER, and will provide you (and your developer) with the credentials.

Each FTP can only be connected to one brand portal in NuORDER, and vice versa; if you have multiple brand portals in NuORDER, a separate FTP will be created for each brand. Depending on your ERP setup, separate FTPs may be required for multiple divisions/labels.

Your FTP will include a directory for each import/export area:

  • Product
  • PriceSheets
  • Company (customer data)
  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Orders_shipments
  • Orders_incoming

Import/Export Process from Your ERP -> NuORDER
Here’s how product, customer, inventory, pricesheets, and any other files will be transferred into NuORDER.

• Your developer will set up an automated schedule (cron job) to drop each data file in the appropriate directory.
• Our system checks on set intervals (1-2x per hour) to process any new files.
• Once the files have been uploaded, the files are removed from the FTP folder automatically.
• You will receive an email notification with line item details of what was uploaded successfully, and any errors.
• If there are errors, nothing from that file will be saved. You will need to locate and update the information in your ERP, and manually resend the data to NuORDER.


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