Wholesale Overview: All Products Gallery, Linesheets, Recommendations, Contacts, & Media Tabs


The Wholesale section is where you'll spend most of the time in NUORDER. It's here that you can Create, submit, and place Orders, send Recommendations and Linesheets to buyers, view related Media, and edit your Contacts.


Below you'll find a brief overview of the various areas of the Wholesale section.


1. ALL PRODUCTS - Here's where all your products will be displayed. Styles can be added to an order or to your recommendations and there's various options to sort products such as filters, search or viewing as a specific retailer.


2. LINESHEETS - This is where you'll find your existing Linesheets that have been created beforehand in the Admin section. These can be viewed as or sent to specific retailers from here.


3. RECOMMEND - Styles you've recommended in the All Product Gallery will populate in this section. You can merchandise these recommended products and send them to your buyers as a Linesheet or Add them to your Order.


4. MEDIA - The Media Tab will contain lookbooks, videos, or any other relevant media. Hotspots can be setup to select and add products directly to your cart from the media section.


5. CONTACTS - All of your Retailers and Buyers will be under the CONTACTS Tab. You can browse through existing Companies or Buyers alphabetically or use the search field to locate a specific contact. New companies and Buyers can also be created here.


6. ORDERS - Your Orders will be displayed here and sorted by their various statuses. Order can be edited, approved, regressed, processed, marked as shipped, or cancelled from here.





Our iPad App essentially mimics the Wholesale section of the You'll find the same functionality with a slightly different look.



















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    Bojan Spassoff

    How do I get in to my MotionWear Account? I have a user name and password, but every time I try to go in, to look at my Motion Wear order I get "No Items Found." The sales rep was here and we logged in.

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