Product Tab Overview

The Products Tab in the Working Order is where you'll find all Item level info such as Shipping, Sizing, Quantities, and item discounts selection.




  • Remove Product - Click the Trashcan icon to delete this item form the Working Order.
  • Add Product Again - Click here to add the same product twice. 
  • All Products - All the deliveries in the order will be listed on the left-hand side sequentially by date
  • Discount % - Enter in an item discount here. You can apply a Discount to the entire order from the Order Details Tab.
  • Size Grid - Click to open up a grid to size your order.
  • Sizes - This is where you'll add quantities to your product by entering in values for the available sizes.
  • Add Notes - Click to add notes to a product. 
  • Grouped by - Click to select how you want to group products. For example, by season - your products will group by the season instead of delivery. 





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