Product Tab Overview

The Products Tab in the Working Order is where you'll find all Item level info such as Shipping, Sizing, Quantities, and item discounts selection.


By default, all products in this section are sorted based on when they were first added to an order. 

You can also sort the items in your order by the ship start date, style number, product name, unit count, and more by clicking on the drop down menu underneath Sort by in the top left corner of the page. Once sorted, items can be displayed in ascending or descending order.

Within this tab, you can also utilize the following settings:

  • Remove Product: Click the Trashcan icon to delete this item form the Working Order.
  • Add Product Again: Click here to add the same product twice.
  • All Products: All the deliveries in the order will be listed on the left-hand side sequentially by date
  • Discount %: Enter in an item discount here. You can apply a Discount to the entire order from the Order Details Tab.
  • Size Grid: Click to open up a grid to size your order.
  • Sizes: This is where you'll add quantities to your product by entering in values for the available sizes.
  • Add Notes: Click to add notes to a product.
  • Grouped by: Click to select how you want to group products. For example, by season - your products will group by the season instead of delivery.
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