Order Details Overview

The Order Details Tab in the Working Order contains all your basic order information outside of Item specifics.




  • Order # - This will be automatically generated by NuORDER and will count up sequentially with each order, but can be edited to whatever you'd like from here.
  • Customer PO - This field is for Brands to include their own POs if they wish. We can make this a required field by request. 
  • Company - Select your desired retailer here. Keep in mind that if you are viewing the product gallery as a specific company, selecting a different company in the Working Order may impact product availability or pricing.
  • Buyer - Select from the company's available Buyers here.
  • Sales Rep - Use this field to assign the appropriate Sales Rep to the order.
  • Order Tags - If your Brand is using Order Tags they can be applied here. (i.e. LA Market, Dallas Market)
  • Order Types- If your Brand is using Order Types they can be applied here. (i.e. Prebook, Immediate)
  • CC Emails - Enter in any recipients you'd like to be copied on the confirmation email.
  • Discount % - Use this to apply a discount to all products in the order.
  • Surcharge - Use this to apply a surcharge to all products in the order.
  • Notes - Enter any order notes here. Notes for specific products can be added in the Product & Details Tab.



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