I keep getting an unknown error message on my Excel file upload. What gives?

Your Excel file may contain special formatting:

  • Borders
  • Colors
  • Special characters, etc—that are causing an issue with the upload.  


The system doesn't accept any special formatting - so make sure your file is squeaky clean.  

To clear all the formatting on your Excel file:

1. Select All Data on File (Command + A)

2. On the 'Home' tab on the Excel File, find the 'X' clear bottom on the right side of the header.



3. Then you will click 'Clear Formats.




*Another good trick is to try saving your file as a CSV, and uploading again. For saving as CSV, make sure to convert any UPCs to numbers or it will save the scientific notation as text.


If it still won't go through, please reach out to NuORDER support at heroes@nuorder.com.

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