Find new accounts in the Marketplace

The Marketplace is an excellent way to find new retailers and grow your business. There's 150,000+ retailers featured in the Marketplace with more added each week. 

How to Find New Retailers

1) To browse the available retailers, just click into the "Find New Accounts" tab from your left side menu.

2) To locate new customers within the Marketplace, use the search function to locate a specific company

3) You also have the option to use the Category Filters to browse through the available retailers results by products and location.

Browse available retailers.

4) After selecting a Category, you'll need to check off at least one Classification, but are welcome to choose as many as you'd like. Once you're finished, click "Next Step".

Check off a Classification.

5) Choose at least one location. You can enter a city (Chicago), state (Illinois), metro area (Chicago Metro Area), geographic region (Midwest) or country (Albania). 

6) After you've chosen a location, you can choose to either "Refine Further" or "View Result".

Refine Further or View Result.

7) If you choose to "Refine Further", you'll be able to refine your search by brands carried. 

8) Selecting "View Result", will bring up a sortable list of all relevant results. You can sort by relevance, A-Z, or by Most Recent.

Sortable list of all relevant results.

9) Finally, once you've located a retailer you'd like to work with, click on their name to bring up their Bio and Contact Info.

Connect to retailer.

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