How to edit delivery Dates (Ship Start & Ship end Dates)

Setting the Ship Window



The SHIP WINDOW for each product is shown in the calendar. 

To set or change the ship window:
1. Click Ship Start and select the correct date. 
2. Click Ship End and select the correct date. 


When your date is set, you'll also have the option to apply this window to all products in the order:



A separate DELIVERY tab will be automatically generated for each unique date range in your order. 




The SHIP WINDOW for each product is shown in the calendar.

1. Tap once on the calendar to open it.

2. Tap and hold on the start date.

3. Drag down to the end date, and let go. Your date range will highlight in green.

If your ship window spans multiple months, just drag your finger to the arrow and the calendar will shift to the next month.

4. When your date is set, confirm if you want to apply the date range to:

- This item only
- All items in the delivery
- The entire order



Once you've set the dates for a delivery, you can quickly apply that same range to another item.

1. Tap and hold on the delivery tab. A mini calendar icon lift off.

2. Drag the calendar icon onto the calendar you want to change.

3.The dates will change.The items is now part of this delivery.



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