Brand update: November 14, 2023

In this release, we enhanced the Overordering feature, Customizations, the Working Order’s Sizing View (beta), and Advanced Pricing.

Overordering for multiple locations and deliveries

For users permitted to overorder products, brands who choose to display inventory data can also show which products are overordered on the Product Details page (see below) and throughout the Working Order views (Line Items, Sizing View (beta), Change View, and Order Review). This feature also allows for buyers to overorder across multiple locations and multiple deliveries.

Note: Brands can contact Support to activate this overordering enhancement.

Overordering highlights on Product Details page.

For more information, see Manage and assign your Warehouses.

Advanced Pricing: Create and update orders from your ERP

Brands using Advanced Pricing now have the ability to sync order pricing information directly from their ERP! The source of truth is now up to you: use NuORDER or use your ERP to update or create orders in NuORDER.

Note: Brands can contact our Support team to enable this option. You can use your ERP to create orders with or without a Promotion. When updating orders, only orders without a Promotion can be updated from your ERP.

Customization selection optimization

When customizing products, we enhanced the UI, so available images are displayed with a slight shadow. This allows users to clearly see each available option, even when it’s an all white image or when there’s a transparency.

Image selection.

For more information, see Product Customizations (for brands) and Ordering products with Customizations (for buyers).

Enhancement to Sizing View (beta)

For brands using Sizing View (beta), you can specify which columns you would like displayed by default.

Note: Brands can contact Support to specify the default columns in Sizing View (beta). Brands can also contact their Account Manager to see if they’re eligible for the beta version of Sizing View in the Working Order.

Additional improvements and fixes


  • Fixed an issue causing reporting to not load after some users changed their Locale.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some brands from updating inventory information when that data included special characters.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some brands from importing videos.
  • Fixed an issue causing a hidden field to display in the Product Details page for some brands.

  • Fixed an issue preventing some brands from bulk downloading orders.
  • Fixed an issue causing some draft orders to not be visible to the buyer.
  • Fixed an issue preventing minimum quantities from auto-populating in EZ Orders.
  • Fixed an issue causing some deliveries to not appear in the order export file.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Working Order to load indefinitely for some users.
  • Optimized performance and improved copy and paste processing in Sizing View (beta).
  • In Sizing View (beta), renamed Cost to Wholesale and Retail to MSRP, matching the Line Items view.

  • For customizable products, renamed the Brand images tab to Approved logos and the Company images tab to New uploaded logos.
  • Fixed an issue causing some incorrect product images to display in the Working Order.
Advanced Pricing

  • Fixed an issue causing pricing for some products to not appear in the Working Order.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some EZ Orders from displaying the discounted price.
GOA brands

  • Fixed an issue causing some product rows to duplicate in the Working Order's Grid View.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some fields from displaying in the Working Order's Grid View.
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