How to make a custom recommendation on the iPad App

Products are able to be added to the RECOMMEND tab as easily on the iPad as they can be on the web browser.

To add products to a recommendation, you've got a few options:

  • Tap the "Star" icon on the individual product thumbnail.
  • Select a product and click the "Add to Linesheet" or "Add to Custom List" button from the product details view.





  • Use the filters to refine your view. Then, hit the "Check Mark" button in the top right corner -- then select desired products -- this will add all the products in your current view to the recommendation.




Go to your new CUSTOM LIST or LINESHEET:

Items at this point can be added or removed, separated by blanks, remerchandised, added to an order, or even sorted by delivery.


To send your custom PDF:

  1. Click the three stacked dots in the top right of your screen > Send Linesheet to bring up your settings and options. 
  2. Use the ON/OFF switches to select if you want to send as an EZ Order, PDF, and/or XLSX order form.
  3. Select your recipients.
  4. Add a SUBJECT and MESSAGE.
  5. Hit SEND to send to Buyers.



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