Recommendations Overview

Recommend Products to a buyer.

Have something your buyer will love? Want to show off new styles or bestsellers? 

You can recommend products to buyers and send them a custom linesheet.



First, add products to the RECOMMEND tab:

Click on the THUMBS UP icon in your PRODUCT GALLERY. (It acts like an on/off switch). This will automatically add the style to your RECOMMEND tab.

You can also click the THUMBS UP in the ITEM DETAILS.


Shortcut: Add products to your linesheet in bulk.

1. In the Product Gallery, use the filters or search to refine your product view.

2. The Add All icon, represented by the + symbol, will be displayed to the left of the search bar. Click here to add all the displayed products to either your Working Order or to the RECOMMEND tab. 

When you've added all your items, click on the RECOMMEND Tab to prepare & send your custom PDF.


What you'll see on the RECOMMEND tab...

Your products: All items you've flagged with a the THUMBS UP will show up here.

Add To: Represented by the + icon, you can click here to add all recommended products to your Working Order.

SHARE button: This is the envelope icon above the products. Click here to send out recommendations as Linesheets and Easy Orders.

Options drop-down: Click here to access saved linesheets, insert blank spaces, sort by delivery, revert to unsorted, or remove all products.

View As: Click here to view the selected products as a specific retailer. The selection of products and unit pricing will update according to whatever settings you've applied to that retailer.

Prep Your Linesheet: Merchandise or Add Blanks 



Simply drag-and-drop your items into place.

Change your mind? Click the Thumb Icon to remove the item from this group.


ADD BLANK: Click here to add a blank spacer to your linesheet.

About Blanks:

Blanks can be used to force a line or page break in your linesheet PDF. You can drag-and-drop blanks just like products to separate out color, fabric, or silhouette groups.


Send a Linesheet PDF

After clicking the envelope icon, The Share Pop-Up will appear. From here you'll select acompany and buyer as well as the various options available like showing Pricing, including anEasy Order or including a Product XLS file (an Excel file of your Linesheet), 

You can also edit the Message included, copy other recipients, and scroll down to add any Product Notes.

When you're finished, just click SAVE/SEND and make your desired selection.


Products are able to be added to the RECOMMEND tab as easily on the iPad as they can be on the web browser.

To add products to a recommendation, you've got a few options:

  • Tap the "Thumbs up" icon on the individual product thumbnail.
  • Select a product and click the "Thumbs up" button from the product details view.
  • Use the filters to refine your view. Then, hit the "Thumbs up all" button -- this will add all the products in your current view to the recommendation.

Once you've selected your products, go to the RECOMMEND tab to finalize, save, or share your PDF.

On the RECOMMEND tab:

Items at this point can be added or removed, separated by blanks, remerchandised, added to an order, or even sorted by delivery.

To create your custom PDF:

  1. Click CREATE to bring up your settings and options. 
  2. Use the ON/OFF switches to select who should receive this linesheet: Choose the buyer, yourself, or both.
  3. Select your template (this will indicate how many items per page appear on the linesheet PDF).
  4. Show or hide pricing.
  5. Add notes to each item.
  6. Hit SEND.
If you want to save your custom recommendation for later, hit the SAVE button. This will add the linesheet and any product notes to your "Saved Recommendations" list.
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