How to upload product images in bulk

You can drag-and-drop up to 28 images at a time using our bulk image uploader.  Simply drag the files from your desktop and drop them in the "DRAG FILES HERE" box in the ADMIN > IMAGES area of the application.

Important Reminders before you upload product images: 

  • If you want your images to automatically link to products, you must upload the product data BEFORE uploading images.
  • Makes sure you're images are formatted according to the image requirements.
  • If the image files are named according to your naming profile, they will automatically link to their products.
  • Check your Unlinked Images regularly to clear our images that are not needed.

Common Issues: 

•   File naming convention doesn't match the one NuORDER set up for you.

•   There is a typo or extra character in the file name that does not match the product data.
•   Product data does not yet exist for that image.


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