How to upload product images in bulk

You can drag-and-drop up to 1,000 images at a time using our bulk image uploader.

First, access the bulk uploader by clicking Settings, selecting the Imagery & Media tab, then clicking Product Images. On the page that appears, you’ll be presented with some requirements and recommendations for your upload (e.g. maximum file size). 

Before beginning your upload, we recommend uploading product data for that image set, as this can help ensure that images are attributed to the right products. Additionally, make sure your images are named according to the naming convention you’ve set up in your account to ensure that files automatically link to the right product.


When you’re ready to upload, simply drag and drop the files from your computer into the “Drag your files here” box on the page. 

If you find an image is not linked to a product after upload, it’s possible that there was a typo in the name or product data does not yet exist for that image.

Image upload requirements

Images uploaded to NuORDER must meet the following requirements and specifications: 

  • Supported image file types include JPG or PNG
  • Images must be a minimum of 500 x 500 px (pixels)
  • Optimize for web by following our recommended resolution of 72dpi (dots per inch)
  • Ideally, images should be compressed to the 100kb - 400kb (kilobytes) size range
  • Must save the images in the RGB color space

For 360 images and video, you can read over our more detailed upload requirements and recommendations.

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