NuORDER Image Requirements & Best Practices

Image Specs: Preparing your product imagery for the first time.

Providing your product imagery:

  1. Choose a few sample products images from your current collection. 
  2. Resize them according to our specs (see below.) If you need help with resizing, just let us know. 
  3. Email your sample image files to NuORDER.
  4. We will review your images for formatting and consistency, and work with you to set up a customized "image naming profile" based on your current file naming system. 
  5. Once we've confirmed everything is ready to go, we'll set up a Dropbox or FTP folder for you.
  6. Resize and rename your full season of images for your launch. (Again, let us know if you need a helping hand!)
  7. Upload the files to your Dropbox folder.
  8. NuORDER will upload them to the account. 


NuORDER image specs:

  • 500 x 500 pixels minimum (preferably portrait)
  • JPG format
  • Recommended: save for web (quality: 80) 

Maximum images per product: 4

  • Image 1: ("Hero Image") Displays in the product gallery, orders, and linesheets. 
  • Image 2: Displays on linesheets.
  • Images 3-4 Display on product detail page only. 

Image File Naming Convention

How to make your images automatically link to the products in NuORDER. 

We'll work with you to set up a custom "image naming profile" for your brand. Let us know if you already have a system for naming your image files -- we can usually work with it. 

In order to link properly, your image names will need to include the following:
  • Style + Color : so our system knows which product to attach it to.
  • A custom suffix: so our system knows how to arrange each image within the specific product ( position 1, 2, 3, or 4.)


It usually looks something like this...


 STYLE NAME              COLOR NAME               1, 2, 3, 4
           or                 +              or                  +      FRONT, BACK, SIDE,
STYLE NUMBER           
COLOR CODE               or any other suffix
Underscore Examples:
Hyphen Examples:
Period Examples:
Tips for naming your files: 
  • The defining fields must be separated by an underscore, hyphen or period (so our system knows where the style number ends and color begins. 
  • Style names, numbers, colors, and color codes must be an exact match to what is in the product data.
  • If slashes exist in your style name or color: slashes are accepted, or you can substitute a hyphen or space. 

NuORDER has specific image formatting requirements.

The guide for formatting images can be downloaded HERE . 


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