How to save a recommendation

In addition to sending recommendations, you can also SAVE recommendations for future use.


  1. Click the Envelope Icon to open the Share window.
  2. Enter a Title for the PDF
  3. Select your desired template and enter any item notes
  4. Click SAVE.


View and Edit

To view your saved linesheets click on OPTIONS drop down.


Your linesheets will be listed by date and title.

Once you've opened your saved linesheets you can perform two actions...

  1. By clicking on the pencil you can open the products directly in the RECOMMEND tab, where you can add/remove products before sending or re-saving the linesheet.
  2. DELETE by clicking on the trash can, you will be asked to confirm.

Edit and Re-Save

When you edit a saved linesheet, you'll notice a few things on your CREATE LINESHEET popup...

  • Your title has been saved.
  • Your product notes have been saved.

You now have two SAVE options:

Update: overwrite the previously saved version.


Save a copy: keep the old version and save the new version separately.

After Products have been recommended, they can be added or removed, separated by blanks, remerchandised, added to an order, or even sorted by delivery.

To create your custom PDF:

  1. Click CREATE to bring up your settings and options. 
  2. Use the ON/OFF switches to select who should receive this linesheet: Choose the buyer, yourself, or both.
  3. Select your template (this will indicate how many items per page appear on the linesheet PDF).
  4. Show or hide pricing.
  5. Add notes to each item.
  6. Hit SEND to send to yourself or a Buyer or SAVE to access this Linesheet later.
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