How to Sync Your Orders & Other Data to the Web

The Sync Button

When you are working offline, your orders, linesheets, drafts, and new contacts will be saved locally. When you SYNC, you send everything to the server to be processed. 

Tap the SYNC CENTER button to view items you have created during your offline session. 

You'll be able to view 2 status lists...

Awaiting Sync:

Items in your queue that are waiting to be sent to the live server. No emails have been sent to buyers (or you) at this time. 






Items that have been sent successfully. If it says "COMPLETED," it means any corresponding emails have been sent to you and the buyer. You'll also be able to access these items on the web app. 



To sync account...

1. When you are back online tap the SYNC CENTER button. 

2. Orders and Customers in the Sync Center will automatically begin to sync.

3. As items are sent, they'll disappear from the AWAITING SYNC list and move into COMPLETED


TAP TO REVIEW. This means there was an error.

Sometimes an item you've created on the iPad (usually an order or contact) will receive a sync error...

You'll know this because the item will remain on the AWAITING SYNC list with a flag that says TAP TO REVIEW. The corresponding emails for this item have not been sent. 

Tap the entry to see what kind of error occurred. You'll be able to re-open the order, make any necessary changes, and resubmit it to the server. 


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