How to add a new buyer to a company in Contacts

Important Note for Integrated Brands: If your brand has company and buyer data integrated with your ERP, you may not be able to add, edit, or delete company or buyer data from NuORDER.  If you are unable to add or edit companies or buyers in NuORDER, first contact your brand Admin to see if this information should be synced from directly from your ERP instead.

Option 1:

From the Contacts page, Select the 'Add Contact' icon located at the top right of the page:


Select 'New Buyer' from the dropdown menu:


In the window that appears select the Company Record you wish to apply the new Buyer to:


Required fields for a new buyer are: Buyer Name, Buyer Email, and Buyer's Sales Rep. Fill out these fields, and any option fields for which you have data, and hit 'Save' to add the new Buyer to your Contacts:


Option 2:

Click in to the Company Record you wish to add a Buyer to, and Scroll down to the 'Buyers' section to select the 'Add Buyer' option at the right:


And fill out the required fields: Buyer Name, Buyer Email, and Buyer's Sales Rep before clicking 'Save' to add the new buyer to this company record. 

If you are still utilizing the Old Contacts page view, there are two similar options:
Option 1:
1. Click on BUYERS.


Option 2:
1. Select the COMPANY. 
2. In the company details, click ADD NEW BUYER.


Note: Regardless of which method you choose, you will be adding the buyer to the company in which they work. So you need to create the company FIRST.
Enter the new buyer information: 

Step 1: Select the company name from the drop down. If it's not there, you'll have to go back and add the company first. 


Step 2: Enter the buyer's Name and Email address.


Once you save the buyer, they will receive an invitation to shop your brand on NuORDER.  This is how the buyer will log into NuORDER to view your brand, and also where all linesheets and orders will be sent.


If the buyer doesn't already have a NuORDER login, then the email address you enter here will become their username for logging in.  


Make sure to double check that you've spelled everything right - if there's a mistake in the email address, they may never know you invited them to shop!  

Step 3: Assign at least one sales rep.  

If there are multiple reps, click ADD SALES REP.  

Step 4: Click SAVE. 





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