System Requirements to use NuORDER

To use NuORDER, you'll need a few things...

An internet browser: We recommend leveraging the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari to get the best experience.

A minimum screen size of at least: 1024 x 768 pixels

A solid internet connection: NuORDER is an internet based program. So you need to have a stable internet connection to use it. 

Offline mode is available on the iPad app only. 

For using NuORDER on the go: an  iPhone/ iPad.

Take NuORDER to go with the NuORDER iPad App! You must have iOS 12.0 or above installed on your iPad. 



Why can't I use IE?
Unfortunately Internet Explorer does not support a lot of the advanced functionality used in the NuORDER Admin section (for example, the drag-and-drop). If you are using the Admin section in NuORDER, you'll need to use one of our recommended browsers. You can use IE to navigate the Wholesale and Marketplace sections of NuORDER, but make sure you have the latest version (IE 8 or above) installed.

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