Tips & FAQ's for Loading & Updating Product Data

 Product data upload: a few reminders

  • DON'T leave mandatory fields blank
  • DON'T change the header names
  • DON'T use a dollar sign in the pricing fields
  • DON'T add a blank row as a divider
  • DON'T use a double quote to mark inches. Instead of 12", enter 12 in.


Can't solve the error?

If you are experiencing repeated errors with the same entry in your product spreadsheet, try removing that line from the spreadsheet.


Example: Let's say you keep receiving error messages on row 5 of your file, but you have 100 rows total and the others are fine. Simply delete row 5 from your file, re-save it, close it, and try uploading it again. Your 99 correct products will upload, and you can always go back and manually enter that one product later.


Best Practices

Take your time and review your Excel file carefully before you upload. A few extra minutes to double-check your entries can save you a lot of time and energy later on. You don't want your customers to see incorrect information!

  • Download your data from NuORDER and update this exported file. This way you can ensure that you do not create duplicate records.
  • Download your data in XLS format instead of CSV. This prevents leading zeroes from being dropped and UPCs being converted to scientific notation by Excel.
  • Work off of a copy of the exported file. This way if you make a mistake in your edits, you can start fresh with a clean copy.
  • Don't delete columns from your exported file to ensure no data gets wiped accidentally.
  • Be careful not to have duplicate styles.
  • Make it easier for your customer by being as consistent as possible. For example, always use the same season name: don't switch from SPRING 12 to SPR12 in different uploads.
  • Don't change the Season, Style Number, or Color unless you are also including the _id field.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How many sizes can I add per product?

As many as you need. Seriously. We have brands with 100+ sizes per product.


Can I set different prices per size?

Yes! Contact us to activate this setting for your brand. We'll make sure you are using the correct data upload template.


I got an error message for one entry in my Excel file. Did everything else upload?

No. The system will only import a file in its entirety. If any part of your data has an error, nothing from the file will be saved. (Trust us, it's a lot less confusing that way!)


I keep getting an unknown error message on my Excel file upload. What gives?

Your Excel file may contain special formatting—borders, colors, special characters, etc—that are causing an issue with the upload. Try saving a copy of your file as a CSV (be sure to keep a copy in XLS for further edits). If it still won't go through, let us know. We'll take a look!


I'm uploading product data and the progress bar just loads and loads. What's up?

If your spreadsheet if really, really, really large (as in, several thousand lines), the server might not be able to handle the file size. Try splitting it into a few smaller files and uploading them separately. If size definitely isn't the issue, contact us for help. We'll get you through it!


For more information on Product Data, check out the link below. 

Product Data Overview & FAQ's



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