About In Review Orders (orders submitted by buyers)

Here's how a typical "buyer-submitted order" moves through the different statuses in NuORDER...

When a buyer submits a new order, the order record goes IN REVIEW

A notification email with the order PDF gets sent to:

  • the buyer
  • all sales reps assigned to the buyer (in Contacts)
  • any customer service reps or admins who are set to receive emails
Buyer Orders in Review 


From In Review you can perform the following actions:


RE-ORDER: Open a duplicate in the working order with the same products and quantities. 

EDIT ORDER: Open the order in the working order. From here you can make changes and re-submit.

CANCEL: Removes the order permanently.

DOWNLOAD LINESHEET PDF: Download a PDF Linesheet of your order.

DOWNLOAD ORDER PDF: Download a PDF of your order.

DOWNLOAD ORDER XLS: Download a .xls version of your order to view in Excel.

VIEW: Open a quick view of your order by clicking on your order.


MOVE TO PENDING: Change the status of your order and move into Pending Orders.

You'll be asked to assign a sales rep to the order when it is approved.


When an In Review order is Approved, a notification email is sent to:

  • the sales rep assigned to the order
  • any customer service reps or admins who are set to receive emails 

From IN REVIEW, the order goes into APPROVED. This lets the rest of your team know the order is ready to be processed.



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