Brand update: September 19, 2023

In this release, we enhanced the Working Order, Customizations, Promotions, and dataflow mapping.

Dive into the details with the new Sizing View (beta)

We launched Sizing View (beta), a new tool for buyers who want a configurable table when managing the products and deliveries in the Working Order. In addition to the Product tab’s standard Line Items view, buyers can now use the Sizing View (beta) with adjustable tables to review, filter, sort, and group product details and more, as well as enter quantities for each size and shipment.

Note: The Sizing View feature is currently in beta. Brands can contact their Account Manager to see if they are eligible for the beta version of Sizing View in the Working Order.

Sizing View beta.

For more information, see Sizing View in the Working Order (beta).

Visually review your order with Change View

The enhanced Change View in the Working Order offers product tiles, filters, and tiered groupings, so you can visually review your order’s products and segmented subtotals. You can also use this view to identify stock issues, missing quantities, or duplicate products.

Change View.

For more information, see Optimize the Working Order.

Manage product dataflow mapping for Retail Partners

Using the Manage data sync options, brands who are part of the Retail Partner program can now configure and add custom product mappings to connect their unique product data fields to the retailer’s custom assortment fields.

Product data flow.

For more information, see Customize dataflow mapping for Retail Partners.

Apply a Customization to multiple products

Buyers can now make Customization selections for one product, and then apply that Customization to multiple products. No double work! This option is available when customizing a product before adding it to your cart and also within the Working Order

Note: Brands can contact their Account Manager if they’re interested in adding the Customizations package.

For more information, see Ordering products with Customizations (for buyers) and Product Customizations (for brands).

Promotion logic enhancements

We’re continuing our refinement of Promotions with these updates. 

When using your ERP to push updates to an order in NuORDER:

  • Qualifying promotions will not be removed, even if they’re no longer active Promotions in NuORDER.
  • New Promotions will not be added, so the order in your ERP and in NuORDER remain in sync.

We also enhanced delivery date rules for Promotions. When a Promotion is configured with a Delivery Date rule, only products ordered within the select delivery date range are eligible for the promotional discount.

For more information, see Promotions overview and Create and edit Promotions.

Additional improvements and fixes


  • Fixed an issue preventing the ability to bulk search for more than 50 products within some brand portals.
  • Fixed an issue causing image distortion when using Safari to view images displayed in a Sites Manager’s Carousel widget.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Company screen to become inactive when quickly double clicking the button to exit the Delete Company modal.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Units by Style, Color, and Size report to not display product images.

  • Fixed an issue causing some Draft Orders to be assigned an external ID.
  • Fixed an issue causing products in some bulk orders to be denoted as oversold when the All Locations Combined warehouse differs from the location’s warehouse.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the submission of some bulk orders when toggling between entering quantities By Location and All Locations Combined.
  • Fixed an issue preventing line item discounts on some bulk orders.
  • Fixed an issue causing a product’s unavailable replenishment delivery dates to be editable cells in Order Exports using the Vertical w/Replenishment Deliveries template.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the ability to bulk download order PDF files for some brands.
  • Fixed an issue that saved the incorrect shipping promotion amount on split orders with an oversold product.
Linesheets (aka Catalogs)

  • Fixed an issue causing some linesheet separators to not display when a company is selected with the View As feature.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some brands the ability to save an added linesheet separator.
  • Fixed an issue causing inventory to not display for some products when using the 2 Products - Landscape PDF download template. 
  • Fixed an issue in Custom ATS Export files causing the default currency pricing to display, and not the currency assigned to the linesheet.
  • Added an error message for PDF linesheet downloads that are unable to render due to a missing brand PDF logo.

  • Fixed an issue causing some split orders to not display Promotion details on the Order Details page.
  • Fixed an issue preventing promotional discounts from honoring the total order’s qualifying Promotion  when editing an order with customized products.

  • Adjusted the formatting on the Add New Card page so the dropdown list of States is easier to scroll through.

  • Fixed an issue preventing buyers from paying an amount lower than the order total, even if the brand requested that lower amount in an invoice.

Advanced Pricing

  • Fixed an issue preventing the export of an XLS Order Form from the Product Gallery when using Advanced Pricing.
NuORDER Mobile

  • Fixed an issue preventing some users from logging into the mobile app, despite being able to log into the web app.

  • Fixed an issue causing the web app to open, instead of the mobile app, for some users logging in via SSO.

GOA Buyers

  • Fixed an issue causing the brand’s Home page to not display after closing the Working Order.

  • Fixed an issue causing the number of products in a shipment to not display the updated number after a product was moved to a different shipment.

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