Replenishment Recommendations (beta)

Note: The Replenishment Recommendations feature is currently in private beta only for select customers.

Replenishment Recommendations are based on low inventory insights from Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) merchants who agreed to share their data. For those participating Companies, brand users can use these insights to recommend tailored orders, strengthening the relationship by staying ahead of the Buyers’ inventory needs.

Note: The Replenishment Recommendations feature is in private beta only for select customers.

Who can see Replenishment Recommendations

The Replenishment Recommendations feature is only accessible to Admin and Sales Manager brand users who are participating in the private beta, as well as assigned Sales Reps for Buyers at participating Companies.

Note: If a Company didn't agree to share their data, then they will not be listed in Replenishment Recommendations.

Buyer contact card.

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Access Replenishment Recommendations

When a product falls below 2 weeks of supply (WOS), the Replenishment Recommendations feature  suggests a quantity to maintain an inventory of 4 WOS. Identified low gross margin products are excluded from the list of Replenishment Recommendations. Data refreshes every Monday at 1:00 AM PST.

Each week, brand users receive an email if there are low inventory insights that qualify for recommendations. Select the link provided in that email or access Replenishment Recommendations directly in NuORDER by going to Orders > Replenishment Recommendations. The number of merchants with recommendations is listed to the right of the Replenishment Recommendations link. A link to these insights are also available by selecting the bell icon in the upper right corner of NuORDER, which offers notifications for Replenishment Recommendations and other updates.

Access Replenishment Recommendations. Notifications.

The listed companies agreed to share their data and have products with low inventory insights. Select a company to review their Replenishment Recommendations for the week.

Replenishment Recommendations for the week.

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Review and take action on Replenishment Recommendations

Use the checkboxes to choose specific items or select the checkbox next to the Product header to select them all.

Select products.

After making your product selections, take action with the options in the upper-right corner:

  • Dismiss products - Dismissing products excludes them from Replenishment Recommendations for that company for four weeks.
  • Add products to cart - Adding products to your cart starts a new Working Order with the selected products and recommended quantities. If you already have products in your cart, you’ll be prompted to confirm if you want to replace your cart with this new order.

If you choose to Add products to cart for all of the suggested products, then this company will be removed from the Replenishment Recommendations for four weeks. If the company chooses to not replenish their stock or if you didn’t share all of the recommendations, then those products may reappear in the Replenishment Recommendations the following week.  

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Orders with Replenishment Recommendations

When adding recommended products to your cart, the Working Order automatically populates:

  • The Products you selected.
  • The Replenishment Recommendations’ suggested  Quantities for each product size.
  • The Company, Buyer, and Sales Rep.
  • The Billing Address.
  • The Shipping Address (when there’s only one for that company). If the company has multiple addresses, then the Shipping Address will remain blank, allowing the brand to make that selection.

Make adjustments to the Working Order, as needed. When you’re ready, share this recommended order with the buyer by sending it as a Draft Order or an EZ Order.

Draft Orders

If you choose to send a Draft Order, select Save as a Draft from the lower menu.

Save as a draft.

Name your draft to make it easily identifiable, toggle on Email to Buyer, and provide a Message, so they know why you’re making these recommendations. When you’re ready, select Save & Send. The buyer receives an email with your message and a link to the Draft Order, which they can edit and use to place an order.

Note: Learn more with our Draft Orders article.

Save as draft.

EZ Orders

If you choose to send an EZ Order, select Send EZ Order from the lower menu. The buyer is emailed the EZ Order, which they can use to place an order without having to log into the NuORDER application.

Note: Learn more with our EZ Orders (for brands) article.

Send EZ Order.

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