Assortments update: July 25, 2023

In this release, we’ve made enhancements to the Targets user experience, product data syncing, and Saved Views. We’ve also given your brands the ability to price map as part of the dataflow self-service feature!

Targets user experience updates and enhancements

Note: Currently, the Targets feature in assortments is only available for configured retailers.

  • When you’re working in the Grid View of an assortment and open a Target, your horizontal scrolling no longer resets, helping you keep your place in the assortment grid.
  • In the Target Grid, when you update a value that causes the value of Target Total or Actual Total to change, the changed cell now flashes green.
    Voyageurs Retail release content_Img2.gif
  • You can now choose which row metrics you want to display in your Target Grid, including Total, Target, Variance, and Variance %.

For more information, see Targets in assortments.

Hover over Saved View name to display full name

If the name of a Saved View is too long, it will be cut short in the Views panel. You can now hover your cursor over the cut-off Saved View name to display the full title.

Sync filtered products only when syncing product data

When syncing product data in your assortment, you now have the option to sync all products or filtered products, which will only sync products in the current filtered view.

For more information, see Syncing supplier updates into your assortment.

Voyageurs Retail release content_Img1.png

Retailer price mapping

Dataflow price mapping is now a self-service feature for your brands! With the Manage data sync admin page, your brands can map or update wholesale price sources and add discounts.


Contact our Support team for help or feedback on any of these new features.

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